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  "After looking through so many photos, I often think of Joanna's eye, work ethic and effort. She always did such a nice job on the house photos, always knew a nice angle. Your and her professionalism is truly outstanding."

– Leela (2019)
  "Good Morning, Vera,

Just wanted to say thank you once again to you and Tom and Joanna for making the selling of our Nepean townhouse so comfortable and pleasant for us. Every step during the process was made easier by your warm professionalism. Alan and I are very grateful."

– Barbara (July 2019)


"Thank you for being a credit to your field. There simply aren't enough honest, wholesome people like you and Tom in this world. You made what can be a stressful process into a joy"

– Jeremy (July 2019)

  "Hi Vera,

Thanks again to your team for your calm, steady, and encouraging help to sell the house...Still hard to believe that the house is going to be sold…"

Christine (June 2019)

  "Good morning Vera,

Barbara and I want to thank you, … most of all for your wise guidance and support through the listing and sale process of our home. We would not have wanted to go through it with anyone else. We are so happy you were there for us. We shall keep you abreast of any developments as we lead up to closing, but we are confident that all will unfold seamlessly… Fondly,"

– Alan (April 2019)
  "Hi Vera,

So the closing went off without a hitch yesterday! Just want to say thank you to you, Tom
and Joanna for the great job the three of you did!!!"

– Randy (2019)

  "Dear Vera, 
With the task of trying to make a easy transition for my mom to a retirement residence I want to thank you for helping make the sale of her home such a stress free experience."

– Dale (2018)


" I am really happy for all your help and I’ll recommend you to my friends or someone who wants to sell or buy. Thank you so much. Have a great summer!"

– Soyu (2018)


"Thank you so much for all your help, guidance and dedication the past year. We are so happy the way things turned out and we have you, Tom and Joanne to thank for that. Thank you so much!!!"

– S & C and family (2018)

  "I am really happy for all your help and I’ll recommend you to my friends or someone who wants to sell or buy. Thank you so much. Have a great summer!"

– Soyu (2018)


“You and Tom have made this process so much less stressful for us and we can’t thank you enough for paying attention to all of the little details. We couldn’t have done it without you.”

– Tim and Sherri (2017)


"Thank you Vera,

We really appreciate all of your guidance through this very important transition for my Dad.  
Your professionalism and trust is second to none.
Thank you again,"

Doug McLaren (2017)


"Hi Vera,

We finally completed our move.  It was quite a challenge to get rid of 31 years of acquired junk. We want to thank you for making the selling of our home such a pleasant experience.  Your approach to the business of real estate is so personal and caring. Have a great and prosperous summer!"

Holly and Carl (2016)


"Hello Vera.

…thank "you" for your diligence, savvy understanding and kindness throughout the process. I'm SOLD on your services! We'll keep in touch of course…"

Neil Burk (2016)


"Hi Vera

I'd like to say thank-you from Jean and I for all the extra work you did this month, to help us with the property. It was so nice to have someone to trust with the property, to let people in and out, etc. We really appreciate your assistance!"

Jean and Allan (October 2015)


"Dear Vera and Tom,

Thank you for helping us find our first home. YOur patience, encouragement and optimism made the entire process easy and stree free."

Zac & Erin (April 2015)


"As a first time home buyer, my husband & I were trying to do the house hunting alone... It was very stressful so we decided to find an agent.  We are very fortunate to have Vera and Tom, the dynamic duo!  With their years of experience in real-estates & the metro Ottawa area, they have provided us with valuable expertise opinions in selecting & viewing houses (we love listening to them).  They work in a timely & efficient manner.  In addition, they are patient and detail oriented (their lookout to even the weather report had helped us to get the inspection done just before the big snow storm!). 

They also provide excellent recommendations for other needs to complete the buying process as well as future home maintenance services.  We are in deep gratitudes to their service for finding our dream home.  We would definitely recommend and won't hesitate to use their service again.  Many thanks!"

Quyen (December 2013)


"...It's truly the mark of a great agent to be able to help sellers under often difficult circumstances and in fluctuating markets — you are great!"

– MM (2013)


"My wife and I really appreciate your professional support during the sale of our home and the purchase of another home. Thanks to you and your team, we did both in a timely manner. We also very satisfied with your services.

Our purpose of selling was to downsize, I think we made a successful downsize by relocating a wonderful area. Again, thank you so much and hope you to be blessed in all you are doing. Sincerely,"

– P and S (5 Bateman, 2012)

  "Vera, Tom & Joanna,

Thanks for your advice & help with selling Kirkwood. Thanks Joanna for the beautiful job you did with the pictures & presentation of our house. Everything looked beautiful.

It's hard to believe that it's been almost 14 years since we met! You were there for us when we purchased our first home, to ease the nerves, plus our investment property a few years ago & then the selling of our first home.

It's always been a pleasure working with all of you. We would recommend you in a heart beat."

– Diane, David, Brian, Dylan and Marley (May 30, 2012)



I appreciate your expertise in everything you've done, and the manner in which you have guided me to make decisions leading to the satisfying sale of my four bedroom home of 23 years, and the well-considered purchase of a fine apartment in which to spend the next 23! And thanks very much for the fine support work from Joanna and Tom. You have an excellent team."

– Pat Webb (May 30, 2012)


"I LOVE that SOLD sign!!

Thank you!
Thank you!"

– Nancy M (2 Bertona Street, April 2012)
  "Hi Vera Tom and Joanna

We were up early this morning and looked at the website. You have done a great job presenting our home. We are extremely pleased. Thanks so much. And as you said at the beginning... away we go!"

– Angela & Jerry (January 2012)


"WOW WOW WOW!!!!!   Paula and I are blown away with the pictures. House looks spectacular. Great job of photography by Joanna. Gardens look terrific."

– Paula and Larry (Nepean, 2012)

  "Hi Vera, Tom and Joanna:

The feature sheets are a WOW. Just huge Wow factor!
I am so excited. And so many thanks. "

– Nancy M (March 2012)
  "Thanks so much Vera, for a very easy and smooth purchase/sale experience."

– Barb and Sean (2011)

“ I would like to say a very heartfelt thank you. You did a great job and have made this selling as painless as possible. Your kindness and thoroughness in getting the job done was very much appreciated. You did a great job for us 7 years ago and you came through again. Thanks for everything,"

– Val & Phil (41 Grengold Way)


"Thank you again for working so hard to make things happen so quickly and efficiently. You're a pro, Vera. I will certainly recommend your services to anyone who is looking to buy or sell a home. Regards, "

- Jen (241G Crestway Drive)


"Hi Vera,
Just a quick note to express our heartfelt thanks to you and your team for all your work in selling 80 Meadowbank."

- Lindsay and John


"Wow! The photos are sensational. Thanks so much to you and your daughter!"

- Jennifer (June 2010)


"… I want to thank you for guiding me along & finally being able to buy the house that I really needed! I hope you are still in business when it is time to buy the next one! Thank you,"

- Miriam and Kameron (March 2010)


"Dear Vera

The whole procedure turned out so smoothly thanks to you and Tom. We will certainly be happy to recommend you for all you care and helpful hints.

We wish you lots of more successful sales."

- Elizabeth and Arthur (2009)

  "I saw the pictures on

They look so amazing! Joanna is so talented! Please pass on my thanks and kudo’s to her!"

- Scott (November 2009)


“Thank you Vera. You’ve been fabulous with your follow-up!
We’re thrilled to be working with you in the sale of our house …”

- Barb & Sean (2009)

  "Hi Vera,

… Thank you for your very successful efforts on my behalf in the sale of 1290; it was a very pleasant experience."

- Brian (September 2009)

  "Hello Vera, Tom and Joanna,

Wow-what a lovely surprise to find waiting for us when we got home this afternoon! The great news that the purchase of our beautiful new home has been finalized …

It is this attention to detail and thoughtfulness, in addition to your professionalism and hard work, that has made working with you all truly a pleasure!

Not only did your efficiency and competence help sell our place in a blink of an eye but your patience and guidance helped us find and secure a new house that we love and can’t wait to make our home.

Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for making this home selling/home buying process such a smooth one…"

- Kate, Si and Anna (May 2009)



- Val, Manordale (May 2009)


"Thank you Vera.
You've been fabulous with your follow-up!
We're thrilled to be working with you in the sale of our house."

- Barb, MacDonald Gardens (April 2009)


" Hi Vera,

Thank you so very much for a fine job you did in making the sale of my mom's home truly wonderful. The whole process went so well from start to finish and my mom could not be happier. That was the main concern we had but your approach and mannerisms made all the difference in the world to her and to us. It was such a pleasure working with you. You are a person who enjoys every day of their job, and this enthusiasm comes through every time we met with you or spoke on the phone. My mom, my sister and myself are so happy to have chosen you to be our real-estate agent and highly recommend you to anyone contemplating the idea of choosing a real-estate agent in the future. With our best regards to continued success … Sincerely,"

- Shirley, Jane and Ruth (December 2008)


" Hi Vera … Just want to thank you, Tom and Joanna for 'leading' us through the difficult process of buying and selling. Without you at the helm we would have been lost. What a team you make!! I had such great confidence in you that it took a lot of the anxiety out of the procedure for me …"

- 25 Donnington Place (Nepean, June 2008)


"Vera, Lois and I would like to thank you for a very professional job well done. Also please pass on our thanks to Joanna and Tom. We really appreciate the roles that both of them played…"

- Peter & Lois (Nepean, February 2008)

"…Vera! … There are no other real estate agents like you! I am so glad I listened to my better instincts and called you five months ago. As a Nobel prize-winning poet said, my path has been easier for your being in it. Thank you for everything — your wise advice, your encouragement and support. Thank you for always being an email away. I had some scary moments but your reassuring presence and unfailing kindness made all the difference…You put your heart and soul into your work so that it becomes much more than a job. I will never forget all that you have done for me…"

- Becci (Nepean, October 2007)

"…Its hard to believe that two years has come and gone since our arrival here in Ottawa. We knew absolutely nothing about the area at that time and both you and Tom were a tremendous help in finding us a home where we could hang our hat for a while. Then when it was time for us to pull up stakes and move on you were there for us again. The high level of professionalism, and service provided speaks volumes for you, Tom, and Joanna. We truly appreciate all that you have done for us throughout both the purchase and sale of our home. Thanks again,…"

- Gary and Margie E. (July 2007)


"Thank you Vera, Tom and your daughter for the beautiful pictures that she took. You have all done a great job! My thumbs up to you and your staff."

- France (Nepean, March 2007)

  "…many, many thanks for you and your team's super efforts and work… all greatly appreciated… your patience, professionalism, marketing expertise, communications, care and attention are all recognized and acknowledged for the successful outcome of "SOLD!" …spring flowers, good spirits are all with you…"

- Jeane (Ottawa, March 2007)
  "First of all our gratitude and appreciation for a job well done. The whole team went above and beyond for us. Thank you so much…"

- Laura B (January 2007)
  "… With the sale of our home fully completed, we would both like to express our appreciation to you and your team one last time. You did a terrific job from start to finish. Your friendly, patient and well researched advice at the start of the process, the fine photographic presentation your team developed to showcase our home, the constant stream of feedback you provided while the house was on the market, and your ethical, efficient and diplomatic footwork while the sale itself was being finalized were all exemplary. We will recommend you highly to anyone and everyone in future.
Best wishes for the holiday season that is fast approaching!"

- Philip and Letty (November, 2006)

"Thanks everyone for all of your hard work. Appreciate all the care you give
us, as always, nothing but the best."

- Jo-Ann Picknell (May 2006)

  " Absolutely superb service, and people! We very much appreciated the excellence and professionalism."

- Ed


We would like to start with a huge and very warm thank you to you and your team for the extraordinary job you did in selling our home.

Joanna did such a wonderful job on the presentation of our home on the website.
You and Tom were always prompt in answering emails and phone calls and always answered our questions with patience and ease.

You promised us that this would be an exciting adventure, and it was.
We are so happy that we will continue to recommend you to anyone we know who may be looking to buy or sell."

- Margaret & Keith (56 Redpath Drive, Nepean, Ontario)


"Thanks Vera. All I can say is Wow. I spent six months trying to find the right realtor. I felt that this was as important as finding the right house. As you are aware I liked your website and reading about how you genuninely like your clients. After meeting you and Tom at one of your open houses, I knew you were the right realtor for us.

The whole experience was just great and I cannot say enough about your hard work and professionalism. Hats off to you, Tom and Joanna for a job well done."

- Mark & Jennifer (152 Redpath, Nepean, March 2006)


"Thanks Vera (and Tom too!),
You’ve helped to guide us through the somewhat daunting (yet VERY exciting) experience of buying our first home. Your expertise and professionalism are VERY much appreciated. Thank you so much!

- Melissa and Scott (June 2005)


"…please pass our thanks to Joanna. She somehow made each room looks more spacious, I'd like to have my wallet taken a photo by her. "

- Richard (April 2005)


"Vera, I apprecite the impressive marketing you did for my house. It is my pleasant/ luck/fate to get to know you and work with you."

- Richard Chen (Nepean, April 2005)


"Hi Vera, The feature sheet is excellent as we expected. Thanks."

- Ahmad (March 2005)


"Hello Vera. My goodness, thank you ever so much! It is a pleasure to send a client your way. You have helped my entire family now. You most likely haven't heard the last of the Reynolds yet."

- Micheline (2005)


"Again thank you to a wonderful lady, it was such a pleasure doing business with you and Tom. Best Regards"

- Bernice (25 Carola Street, Manordale, Nepean, March 2005)


“Thanks for all your help and guidance — you made the process very easy.”

- Laurie, Centrepointe


“… Thank you as well for making the selling process a pleasure…”

- Christine Bain


“Hi Vera and Tom! Finally! We’ve made it into our new house! James, Colin and I would like to say thanks for all of your hard work. We wouldn’t have found our first “Dream House” without all of your help. Colin has settled in beautifully — he loves all of the stairs and mastered them in half a day! Thanks again guys, we’re soooo happy!”

- Laurie & James


“Thanks very much guys. We will be sure to recommend you, as we were both happy with the treatment we received from both of you. Take care!”

- Karen and Mike


“Vera and Tom, We really appreciate all of the hard work that you both did to sell our home and negotiate our new one. You both seem to love your work — it really shows in how thorough you were and how much care you took each step of the way.”

- Love Lisa & Jody


“Dear Vera, We want to thank you so very much for the excellent job you did for us in the sale of our home. You did a superb job in everyway. And we thank your husband and daughter for their help in it too. We shall surely recommend you to our friends!”

- Sincerely, Bobbie & Menerva


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